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Austin McBee

Software Engineer | System Tinkerer

Technical Skills

Strong | Typescript/Javascript, React/React-Native and extended ecosystem, Next.js, Jest, Cypress

Experienced | Node, Express, REST, GraphQL

On the side | Rust

Recent Work Projects

Prominent Quick Service Restaurant| Front End

Internal/Franchisee-facing Applications

  • Converted the internal POS (point of sale) and KDS (kitchen display system) applications to Typescript
  • Made extensive use of Zod schemas and type inference to limit static type drift and maintenance
  • Built multiple excel-like bulk editing features into the franchisee-facing restaurant configuration application

Celebrity Athleisure Company| Front End

E-Commerce Application

  • Replatformed legacy Cold Fusion application to Next.js
  • Unified two codebases through an extensive whitelabel configuration
  • Owned large scale features crucial to user on-boarding and conversion

Fortune 500 Video Game Company| Full Stack

Cart and Checkout Application

  • Built a standalone cart and checkout Next.js application
  • Implemented Cypress E2E testing and automation scripts to generate API responses
  • Integrated backend services and the Adobe Magento API into the middle-tier GraphQL layer

Fortune 500 Office Supply Company| Full Stack

Platform Team

  • Replatformed legacy multi-page Electrode application to a Next.js SPA
  • Made major contributions to a sophisticated build and Webpack configuration
  • Owned local development setup and automation

NIL Marketplace Company| Front End |

React Native Application

  • Built v1 of the Opendorse React Native application with Typescript
  • Integrated multiple social media publishing and authentication APIs including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Upskilled the client dev team who were new to React Native

Work Experience

Hy-Vee inc.|Senior Software Engineer|Remote

2023 - present

  • Senior engineer marketing ops team
  • Led API development for new loyalty initiative (~1,000,000 sign-ups in 30 days)
  • Creating new culinary API - GQL, Postgres, Redis

Formidable|Senior Software Engineer|Remote

2019 - 2023

  • Senior consultant specializing in front end application architecture
  • Embed with client teams to build, plan and architect modern web applications
  • Maintain and contribute to internal OSS libs

Clicktripz|Software Engineer|Remote

2017 - 2019

  • Integrations engineer responsible for building and maintaining custom marketing scripts
  • Worked directly with client dev teams to integrate CT software on high-traffic travel web sites
  • Led development on internal React applications

Splitting Fares Inc.|Software Engineer|Detroit, MI

2016 - 2017

  • Lead front-end developer on a React Native carpooling application
  • Built a ride cost estimate web application that integrated the Lyft API
  • Built a non-emergency medical transport dispatch web portal that integrated the Lyft API

Side Projects


*nix tree command written in Rust

  • 1.5 ± 0.05 times faster than unix 'tree' on a 10,000 entity directory 🚀🚀🚀

  • Supports most command flags and will eventually support all and more

  • Extensive integration test suite using trycmd crate

  • [WIP] - Windows support

Tree terminal output image


Embed a specific tweet in a React Native View

  • Published npm package

  • Lightweight and focused alternative for apps that don't need all the functionality of the Twitter SDK

  • [WIP] - support the new React Native architecture

GIF tweet embed


A chip8 emulator written in Rust

  • CLI that will load and play local and remote chip8 games

  • Integrates the sdl2 crate for low level keyboard, sound and display access

  • [WIP] - more polished debug output

chipwich CLI image